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Hannah Shehata M.D.

Dr. Hannah Shehata is a board-eligible physician who recently joined Rancho OB/GYN. She completed her medical residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Loma Linda Medical Center. She became a physician because she wanted to develop lifelong relationships with her patients and make a difference in their lives through preventative medicine. Dr. Shehata enjoys the unique challenges of improving women’s health as an OB/GYN and finds joy when she delivers new life. Dr. Shehata’s goal is to incorporate innovative technology and the latest research on women’s health into her practice so that she can improve the health of her patients. 

Dr. Shehata graduated medical school from UC Riverside’s inaugural class in 2017. She received her MBA in 2013 in Healthcare Administration from Loma Linda School of Public Health, and she has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of San Diego.

Dr. Shehata is a devout Christian who resides in Murrieta, California with her husband and young daughter. She enjoys spending time outdoors and is a major foodie who likes to support local restaurants. She loves to cook and experiment with new recipes on the weekends. Dr. Shehata focuses on her own health by exercising through walking, yoga and salsa lessons. 

Dr. Shehata has participated in numerous research projects throughout the years and prides herself in being up-to-date in the latest technology. She uses this knowledge to bring the most up-to-date equipment and methods to her medical practice. It is her ambition to share her knowledge with her patients to improve their lives by improving their health. 

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